Yatra (2017)

a refugee from war leads a pilgrimage for peace

An ancient Sri Lankan tradition, the padayatra (foot journey) is a sacred tradition reinforced each year by pilgrims who walk for more than forty days to the fabulous temple at Kataragama. In this deeply immersive documentary short, we follow world-famous copper artist Sooriya as he returns to his homeland after nearly forty years to lead a diverse group of pilgrims on a spiritual awakening as they use the padayatra to find inner silence and the nature of their true selves.

Watch the film's teaser trailer and learn more about this unique, international film, at the Project Website → Sacred Journey



Pā‘ū Rider (2017)

honoring the legacy of native Hawaiian tradition

The rich history of over one hundred years of pā‘ū riding is being kept alive by women and paniolos across Hawai‘i who honor the past while also fighting for its future. In this documentary we trace the lineage of pā‘ū across Hawai‘i, and chronicle the year-long journey of the Ni‘ihau riding unit as they work to compete in the 100th Anniversary King Kamehameha Day Floral Parade. 



Ulu (2018)

a critical look at affordable housing, homelessness, and the future of our island community

Lumos Media founder Matthew Nagato's next inspirational call to action focuses on the most urgent challenge we face as an island community: creating livable communities where everyone can afford to live and raise a family.

Ulu: Growth for Everyone focuses on the complex, interconnected challenges affecting land use, development, affordable housing, and homelessness. It is an inspirational call to action that shows, by example, the power of individuals and their communities to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.


Summers Matter (2018)

exploring the most pivotal time in a child's education

Nearly half of America's children, particularly those in lower-income families, spend their summers inactive and uninspired. Already suffering from a variety of educational disadvantages,  these children fall even further behind during the three months that school is out. The cumulative effect of this 'summer slide' over the years of a child's schooling is devastating, but not inevitable.

In this companion film to his best-selling book "Summers Matter - 10 Things Every Parent, Teacher, & Principal Should Know About June, July, and August," author andadvocate Matthew Boulay outlines a clear and compelling solution to reinvigorating the American education system.



Kohola Ola (2018)

crafting a kinder, inclusive community

The Kohola Ola project is an ambitious, community-based art project being led by world-famous copper artist Sooriya. Over the course of a year, thousands of people from the Wai‘anae coast on the island of O‘ahu will participate in creating the world's largest copper whale sculpture to bring greater awareness to the plight of our oceans and the creatures that live there. 

Lumos Media LLC has been commissioned to develop a feature-length documentary about the project, and provide additional media support for fundraising and community outreach.

Go to Project Website → Kohola Ola